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Machine Vision Conference


Network with leading companies at the forefront of machine vision technology.


Learn about what’s coming next? Hear from industry experts and cutting edge machine vision research.

Gain valuable insight

Gain valuable insight into the latest technology and trends. Prepare for expanding global competition.

See real-world examples

See real-world examples of how machine vision delivers value and creates competitive advantage.

New to vision or experienced?

This event will have something for everyone – from those wanting to learn the basics of vision to experts in their own right and all points in between. By choosing as many or as few presentations as appropriate and spending some time investigating the technology on show, everyone can tailor their day to their own requirements and expectations. Visit the exhibition during a quiet time when not attending seminars to avoid the busier official break periods!

All industries covered

Vision solutions have been applied in almost any industry you can think of. Food, beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, automotive, aerospace, medical devices, packaging, solar energy, electronics, semiconductor, sport, traffic & transport are just some of the industries that have benefited from the use of vision. Visitors from any of these sectors and more will find something to interest them. Many of the presenters and exhibitors will have extensive experience in these fields, so make sure that you engage with them!


Whether you are involved in research or teaching or both, this event offers an ideal platform to keep up to date with the latest vision technology available.

Need a problem solved?

Vision technology continues to develop at an extraordinary rate. This means that applications previously considered impossible, either through performance or cost, may now be achievable. Not only that, vision sometimes offers a realistic alternative to other ‘tried and trusted’ methods. Whatever sector you work in, if you think that vision might be the solution that you’re looking for, then come along to Milton Keynes and talk to the experts – they might just provide you with the answers you need!


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