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The evolution of the agritech camera

Paul Wilson

Scorpion Vision



Agriculture is a sector that is seeing unprecedented technological growth. The nature of the subject matter dictates that where machine vision is used, the challenges and demands made of the technology are far greater than in most traditional factory automation applications. Scorpion Vision is a leader in Agritech and this presentation covers the struggles, challenges and evolution of the technology.

TwinCAT Vision: Integrates image processing into automation

Michael Busch




PC-based control specialist Beckhoff has expanded its established, highly successful TwinCAT product range to include TwinCAT Vision, an integrated image processing solution. This addition underscores the increasing importance of image processing as a quality factor across mechanical engineering, particularly in applications like Industrie 4.0, quality optimization and track-and-trace.

What are the latest innovations in machine vision camera sensors and how can they benefit your application?

Rob Webb

IDS Imaging



Today’s industrial cameras impress with high frame rates and outstanding image quality. To achieve this, camera manufacturers are taking advantage of the innovative technologies and powerful pixel operations that have been integrated directly into sensor chips in recent years. In this session, we will give you a brief overview of the sensor technologies and features available today, what the machine vision world can expect in the future, and of course, what benefits will come with these sensor innovations

VISION FOR IMAGINATION—Hikrobot New Machine Vision Product Introduction

Justin Qu

Hikrobot Technology Co. Ltd.



As the world’s fastest growing machine vision product provider, Hikrobot brings many exciting new product this year, including 2nd generation industrial camera, 10GgE camera family, line scan camera family, deep learning based ID reader family, AI based smart camera family, we are glad to bring a new and good choice for UK customers.

Smart infrared cameras: A new technological approach for Industry 4.0

Tim Huylebrouck / Roland Ackerman

Stemmer Imaging / Automation Technology



Although thermal imaging with infrared cameras has a great potential especially in industrial applications, it has only made its way into automation and quality assurance to a very limited extend. Among others, some reasons are the complexity of such systems, costs, stability, data safety and maintenance effort. The lecture presents a new device-related approach with smart thermal cameras to address the obstacles for practical applications and to make the potential of temperature imaging in industrial environments accessible.

Laser Line Finder Tools in Modular Camera Systems for 3D Applications

Mike Faulkner



Photonfocus offers a wide range of Ready-to-Use Individual High-Performance Camera Modules for 3D Laser Triangulation Systems. This presentation will give an overview over our product range and show Photonfocus’ know-how in camera design, 3D laser triangulation ranging, implementing high dynamic range sensors as well as our LineFinder technology for robust distinction of laser lines from multiple reflections.


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