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How to Control your Universal Robot using a Smart Vision Sensor

Amit Chohan




Presentation to outline the ease of using vision guided robotics with Universal Robots with a smart vision sensor solution. Outlining the ease of setup, a unique calibration tool with the fastest setup time.

Vision in Robotics

Simon Banks




A growing requirement in logistics and manufacturing markets is automatic Pick and Place using Cobots / Robots and Vision. Saving time and improving accuracy / efficiency are the key drivers. However, this is not a one size fits all situation.

Acrovision will show where different vision technologies are used for different Pick and Place requirements.

Acrovision Sales Director Simon Banks presents this live demo presentation

Robot Guidance Simplified

Neil Sandhu




A look at the various Machine Vision Technologies and how they can be easily adopted by Robotic Solutions to provide the guidance and vision, needed to carry out their tasks with reliability and accuracy. The session will look at how the differing technologies can use their specific advantages to give the most robust solutions.

Plug & Play Vision Solutions for Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

Andrew Mason




For years, machine vision systems have provided the technology necessary for robots to see. Today, our plug and play technology is enhancing cobots – collaborative robots that work alongside humans without safety fencing – with pick-and-place, machine tending, assembly, and even complex bin-picking operations. With the choice of 2D and 3D vision to guide your cobot, the vision systems I’m going to talk about can complement and boost almost any picking task.

Merge ToF depth and 2D color data for 3D robot perception

Sanna Leinius

Basler AG



Computer vision can make robots “smarter” and helps to expand their fields of application. Time-of-Flight cameras capture precise 3D depth data in real time and offer compact and robust 3D vision solutions. For some robotic applications, it is useful to merge the depth data with the RGB data from a 2D color camera. The result is a point cloud in the object’s true colors. This compensates for missing depth information, assists in classifications based on object color, or enables neural networks pre-trained on 2D color data. Listen in to learn more about 3D and 2D vision-guided robotics


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