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Thermal Imaging: How to successfully specify and implement Thermal Imaging technology

Allan Anderson

ClearView Imaging Ltd


Thermal Imaging is becoming a more popular method to solve some applications which cannot be cracked using standard visible machine vision technology. This presentation is intended to help anyone new to the subject of Thermal Imaging and to give some basic information about the background and fundamentals of infrared, answer the question “why use thermal imaging”, before covering important topics like emissivity and how to get the right set-up. Finally, the presentation will conclude by giving some examples of how Thermal Imaging is being used in certain applications.

Machine Vision – Simple and Adaptable

Neil Sandhu



In the current industrial environment, technology in automation is advancing at an increasing rate. What was new age technology today, could be superceded in a matter of months. A good philosophy is to make sure solutions are adaptable, easy to integrate and deploy so using them initially is straight forward and then updating when the need arises is seamless. Here we will look at how Vision solutions can be created to simply ‘plug and play’ in a variety of industries and applications so the ease of use as well as the adaptability can be utilised to meet the challenges of advancing technology – but simple to work with.

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Out of Sight – Imaging Beyond the Visible Spectrum – UV, NIR and SWIR

Julian Parfitt

Alrad Imaging


Out of Sight – Imaging beyond the visible spectrum’ and will focus on UV, NIR and SWIR imaging applications.


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