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In Line quality inspection of Reusable Transit Packaging within the logistics industry

Carl Wilson




With a combination of 2D and 3D imaging, plastic crates are inspected after the washing process for damage and cleanliness. Using artificial intelligence / deep learning, the system is flexible in detecting a huge variety of physical defects and can differentiate true contamination from normal wear. With an intuitive graphical environment, the system can easily be trained for all types of crates. Discover the QCrateCheck solution in this presentation.

Packaging Line Goals: Deliver more uptime, centrally manage all line peripherals, full compliance with CFR21 Part11.

Crest Solutions, a CXV Global Company



The value of standardising device management for all stakeholders: Operations, Quality, Engineering. How production capacity can be unlocked by radically shortening down-time during batch-set and line clearance activities. How non-compliant devices (cameras, printers, lasers, checkweighers) lacking user authentication or audit trail, can be rendered compliant with CFR21 Part 11 without rip & replace. How recipe management can standardise batch set-ups and engineer-out operator error that compromises batch integrity and patient safety

Label Inspection: How to successfully specify and implement Food Label Inspection

Tim Irons

Jenton Dimaco



Superficially, a label inspection system seems simple. You just point a camera at the label, program in any data and that off you go. Unfortunately, this sort of system isn’t terribly useful and, in all likelihood, will not work at all. The difficulties can be placed in several different categories principally optical, mechanical, print, data, integrity and audit. This presentation will examine each in turn, based on JentonDimaco’s experience over nearly twenty years of designing such systems. We will highlight the likely technical issues and offer proven solutions to each in turn. Specifically, the presentation will consider the real-world practical problems of running a vision system operated by non-specialist personnel whilst ensuring 100% label verification, minimal false rejects, and highly accurate production data sets.

New generation blister inspection system

Mark Hilhorst

Jekson Vision Ltd.



BiSmart blister inspection solution uses deep learning and AI capabilities for enhanced  user friendly setup enabling quick product turnaround and reduced human intervention.

How to set up a hyperspectral imaging solution

Tim Huylebrouck / Gerhard Stanzel

Stemmer Imaging



Hyperspectral imaging is still a relatively new technology in the area of machine vision applications, and as with any new possibilities, it is important to understand how it can be applied to solve machine vision tasks. This lecture will cover the ways in which you can precisely identify object properties based on spectrally resolved colour or chemical information by using hyperspectral imaging techniques.As hyperspectral imaging offers a huge variety of both hard- and software components to choose from, this lecture will also give you an overview of product combinations that work best for a variety of applications.

How iRayple DWS solutions can help automate Logistic companies

Jonathan Newton




With the booming growth of the eCommerce industry, the overall demand for Logistic automation is growing significantly year after year. Machine vision can automate logistics companies and bring tangible benefits, such as helping customers realise reduced costs, improving efficiencies, and increasing overall output. In this presentation, we will inform you of HuaRay’s innovative DWS solution and our success story.


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