Vision, Seeing Infinity – 2023 Hikrobot Machine Vision New Product Launch Event

The 2023 Hikrobot Machine Vision New Product Launch Event drew to a close on April 18. The online event unveiled the latest machine vision tech innovations and products from Hikrobot.

With 15 years of expertise and continuous R&D input, Hikrobot has launched a full range of new products, including specially designed industrial cameras and data interfaces for high-speed applications, VM4.3 software with better algorithm performance, more versatile code readers from fixed to handheld, new smart cameras with compact size and powerful built-in algorithms, and new 3D cameras for high-precision measurement and robotics applications.

Eyes on a Better Quality

Hikrobot positions itself as a machine vision product and algorithm software supplier. In order to deliver better products that are adaptable to the changing market, Hikrobot constantly develops new technologies such as AI Deep Learning, 3D Vision, Optical Fiber Transmission Hyperspectral Imaging, and Multi-sense Perception to help customers improve work efficiency and accuracy, reshaping productivity in the era of smart manufacturing.

High-speed Witness Wonderful

Hikrobot has a rich industrial camera product portfolio covering 30+ different product series with 900 models from the camera, light source, lens, frame grabber, accessories and software.

To cope with better image acquisition of fast-moving objects in industries like semiconductors, lithium batteries and printing, Hikrobot expands the product portfolio for high-speed applications this year, including a newly designed CoaXPress Interface Area Scan Camera/Frame Grabber, and brand-new designed data interface, X-over-Fiber.

X stands for any high-speed interface protocol while Fiber indicates that the interfaces use optical fiber as the transmission medium. With this new interface, a great balance between bandwidth and data cost can be achieved and customers can gain a fluid user experience for high-speed applications.

Based on the new X-over-Fiber Data Interface, Hikrobot also introduced corresponding cameras and frame grabbers:

–  21MP 100Gpbs Area Scan Camera

– 8K High-speed Line Scan Camera with 2-TDI mode for doubled image brightness and high-precision sensor alignment technology for strict controls on sensor installation

– 16K True Color High-Speed Line Scan Camera with 2-TDI mode and a rich set of ISP algorithms

– 4K High-Speed Line Scan Camera with Area mode and 256 Advanced TDI mode for the maximum image brightness

– X-over-Fiber Frame Grabber with on-board ISP and 24 I/O interfaces for flexible communication with external devices

Be Faster, Be Smarter

Focusing on Deep Learning functions, Hikrobot has upgraded the smart products, both software and hardware.

Vision Master 4.3: Hikrobot’s VM R&D team has upgraded the VM4.2 to significantly improve the efficiency and user experience, as well as largely reduce software resource consumption. In addition, the VM4.3 has also undergone many upgrades such as algorithm performance improvement, algorithm tool expansion, and maximum adaptability to complex vision application scenarios.

In terms of Smart Code Readers, Hikrobot introduced the newly designed fixed code readers ID3000XM and a series of handheld barcode scanners, such as IDH7000, IDH5000, IDH3000, and IDH 2000 to meet various demands of barcode reading scenarios.

– ID3000XM has a small size and rotatable tail cable, making it easy to install in the narrow space. The triple optical design enhances its adaptability to complex code-reading applications.

– IDH7000 & 5000 series with powerful DPM decoding capabilities for complex codes such as metal engraving, through-hole, and soiled codes in challenging industrial scenarios.

– IDH3000 series with built-in deep learning code reading algorithms for difficult codes like DPM codes and inkjet anomalies in common industrial scenarios.

– IDH2000 series with low power consumption & strong reading capabilities for wrinkled 2D codes, poorly printed 1D codes, and mobile payment codes in industrial enterprise applications.

Hikrobot also introduced the SC6000 series Smart Camera with built-in powerful algorithms and high flexibility. The SC6000 is small in size, excellent in heat dissipation, and strong in adaptability to complex scenarios.

Boost Industrial High-precision Measurement with 3D Vision

Hikrobot 3D vision technology focuses on two areas: high-precision measurement and robot grasping applications.

Combining finely designed hardware and powerful algorithms, the new 3D laser profiles including DP2000 and DP3000 series have high adaptability and can obtain 3D information from moving objects of various materials to achieve fast and high-precision measurement.

There are mainly two categories of Hikrobot’s RGB-D Smart 3D Cameras, one is the Speckle Structured Light Stereo Camera Series for logistics applications and the other one is the Laser Galvo Scanning Camera Series for work-piece applications.

– The DB500S & DB300S are designed for conveyor belt applications.

– The DB1300A & DB700A are designed for applications such as depalletizing and large-volume measurement.

– The DLS1400P effectively handles the grasping of large work-pieces and the need for depalletizing.

– The DLS300P is mainly used in assembly scenarios.

– The DLS200P is mainly used for applications such as EIH, fastener locking, and high-precision measurement.

With our vision to become a one-stop Machine Vision Product & Software Supplier, Hikrobot will continuously devote itself to R&D, and keep innovating new tech and products that are in accordance with customers’ needs for practical applications.

Vision, seeing infinity.

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