High-resolution industrial stereo camera for demanding 3D applications

With its 12 Mpixel sensors, the new BVS 3D-RV1 3D camera from MATRIX VISION achieves a level of detection accuracy that is particularly required for handling small and complex parts in a larger viewing area. As a result, the camera is suitable for demanding bin-picking applications in industrial automation and logistics, for example. An integrated pattern projector optimizes the detection of difficult parts or scenes with little visual texture. The supplied software library ensures compatibility with the GigE Vision and GenICam standards and therefore flexible integration with customers’ own applications and third-party 3D software.


Reliable detection of small parts in automation and logistics

Specially developed for detecting and handling small parts even in large detection areas with recommended working distances of up to 4 m, the MATRIX VISION BVS 3D-RV1 stereo camera is equipped with cutting-edge 12 Mpixel global shutter CMOS sensors. Accordingly, detailed point clouds, as well as depth, confidence and error images, provide the foundation for complex automation tasks. The image data for depth image calculation is transferred in parallel via two GigE interfaces, which means that, depending on the resolution and GPU performance, repetition rates of 9 Hz can be achieved. The camera operates according to the GigE Vision standard and has a GenICAM-compatible software interface. This ensures a high degree of flexibility for users, who can create their own applications both with the SGM Producer library supplied and with compatible software from third-party providers, such as Halcon and OpenCV.

The camera is optimized for industrial environments with its robust IP54 design and passive cooling. If the objects to be detected or the working environment have little to no texture, the integrated pattern projector ensures increased information density and improved stereo matching. Moreover, the adjustable camera lenses and integrated projector lead to optimal results, irrespective of the working area in which the camera is used.

What’s more, the extensive range of accessories ensures quick and flexible implementation for a wide range of application conditions.

The BVS 3D-RV1 3D stereo camera is available now.


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