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How Imaging Optics react to changing temperatures

Dr. Boris Lange

Edmund Optics



From high-end factory automation to autonomous systems – the thermal behavior of imaging systems and consequently imaging optics is gaining importance in many applications. This presentation focuses on how temperature changes affect imaging optics and what system- and optical designers should be aware of in order to circumvent performance losses.

Imaging Optics – beyond the spec sheet

Dr. Boris Lange

Edmund Optics



Selecting the right lens for an imaging system can be a challenging task. A wide choice of product is available on the market, and even good spec sheets might not give you the full picture. This presentation focuses on aspects that might not be called out explicitly, but still have a significant impact on the overall system performance.

Component Inspection through 3 Dimensional Change

Cameron Miller




KEYENCE Illumination Technology has proven instrumental in enabling stable inspection industry-wide, without influence from target surface conditions and contrast or variations between good parts.In this must-see seminar for users of machine vision, we visit the main concepts behind KEYENCE lighting systems, and illustrate its potential, using real-life examples from solved applications.Senior Machine Vision Applications Engineer, Cameron Millar, covers the key features and benefits of KEYENCE Illumination Technology for accurately capturing target appearance and using lighting adjustments for stable detection of difficult to spot variations. Link:www.keyence.co.uk/ukiva2021

Ultra wide angle lens without distortion using Linear Optical Technology

Mark Peterson

Theia Technologies LLC



Theia Technologies has created a patented optical design that allows ultra wide angle field of view up to 135deg horizontally without barrel distortion.  This technology has uses in navigation, robot arm movement calculation, pick and place systems, and other applications where the curved barrel distortion would affect calculations of the object position.

Mechanical Design as Criteria for Lens Selection

Daniel Van de Sandt

Kowa Optimed Deutschland GmbH



Explaining mechanical aspects of lens design: Ruggedization, size and floating mechanism.

Improving imaging results in large Fields of View applications

Jack McKinley

TPL Vision



In all Machine Vision applications there are two key components you need from your vision application features, especially from your illumination: Brightness and Homogeneity. The larger the field of view the harder it becomes to achieve these two elements. It is well known that the brightness of light is strongly correlated with the working distance, this relationship is called the ‘inverse square law of light’, this means that the intensity of light is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. The latter is especially critical on large Fields of view because the larger the field of view. In this session you will explore this challenge, and learn all about the most advanced lighting methods available to achieve reliable, high quality images for inspection. You will learn that Modularity is key; you don’t need a large and expensive lighting system to illuminate a large FOV, all you need is a modular, off-the-shelf illumination, easy to change and adapt to your production environment. Learn how to get the best read-rates possible by creating the Curve Effect: an innovative method to quickly find the best illumination angle and get incredibly homogeneous imaging results. 


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