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Leveraging Ultra-Wide Field of View 3D Laser Profiling for Scanning and Inspection
of Large Objects

Christian Benderoth

LMI Technologies


Automated quality control in packaging & logistics, automotive manufacturing, and food processing applications often requires scanning and inspection of large target objects. This presentation will explore how ultra-wide field of view smart 3D laser profiling provides a high-performance, cost-effective measurement and inspection solution for this emerging challenge. Specifically, there will be an introduction to the new Gocator 2490 3D laser profile sensor from LMI Technologies, which leverages an ultra-wide field of view (2 meter) and large measurement range to achieve an extensive scan area (1 meter x 2 meter––allowing engineers to perform complete dimensional gauging and high-resolution 2D/3D quality inspection of large targets at inline production speed.

Time-of-Flight (ToF) Design Tips: Tips to Boost 3D Performance and Cut Integration Time & Cost

Torsten Wiesinger

Lucid Vision Labs, Inc


Torsten Wiesinger is the General Manager of the EMEA region for LUCID Vision Labs, Inc., responsible for developing and growing LUCID’s presence in the EMEA market. Before joining, Torsten has gained over 15 years of experience in the machine vision industry, notably as the CEO at IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH, and more recently as Sales Director at MVTec Software GmbH. Torsten has a Diploma in Business Informatics.

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Evolutionary 3D profiler design for higher-reproduction fidelity

Jason MacDonald

Matrox Imaging


Today we’ll be discussing 3D laser Profiling by reviewing the pros and cons of the most PREVELANT methods, and we will propose an alternative option that has proven useful to us and our customers.

Fast 3D Sensing Through FPGA-BasedImage Processing

Dr. Konstantin Schauwecker

Nerian Vision GmbH


The three-dimensional acquisition of objects, surfaces and structures has gained immensely in importance in recent years. New camera and sensor technologies have made this possible, while existing approaches have been further developed and have also contributed to the triumphant advance of 3D image acquisition.


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