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Achieve your vision with low cost Time of Flight 3D vision camera’s and sensors

Tim Dodd

IFM Electronic



3D ToF technology is not new. The way in which the technology is used has changed significantly over the last 10 years. Thanks to the relatively low cost of the hardware, combined with 1000’s of hours of development to optimise the use in different environments, the cost effective solution to many applications is at hand. Whether it is guided vehicles, shelf checking or volumetric weighing systems for the logistics industry, 3dToF technology could be the technology of choice.

SurfaceCONTROL 3D: Next generation, high resolution, 3D snapshot sensor for geometry, shape and surface defect inspection

Glenn Wedgebrow

Micro-Epsilon UK



Micro-Epsilon has introduced a new range of high precision 3D snapshot measurement sensors that are suitable for automated, inline measurement of geometry, shape and surface quality of objects. The sensors stand out due to their extremely high resolution and repeatability, as well as their large measuring area. The new surfaceCONTROL 3D 3500 has a compact design and extremely high resolution in the Z-axis (from 1.0 µm). With a repeatability up to 0.4µm, the sensor sets a new benchmark in high precision 3D measurement technology. In this presentation you will learn more about the capabilities and application possibilities of this new 3D sensor product portfolio.

Typical Applications for 3D Smart Sensors in Electric Vehicle Inspection

Christian Benderoth

LMI Technologies



More information coming soon.

Minimizing complexity of 3D inspections

John Jackson

Cognex UK


The challenges of deploying 3D vision systems have limited its widespread adoption. From a lack of quality 3D vision tools to the need for an external PC to overcome processing limitations, 3D inspections technology is typically too complex, time consuming, and costly to deploy. However, the latest advancements in 3D vision technology overcome many of these challenges. In this webinar, we’ll discuss these advancements and why 3D is finally as easy to use as 2D to solve guidance, inspection, and measurements applications accurately, simply, and reliably.

Bin Picking with Helios2 – High Precision 3D Time of Flight Camera for Industrial Use

Michael Jacoby

Lucid Vision Labs Inc.


For applications that demand real-time object detection such as 3D bin-picking, Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology enhances 3D depth performance and simplifies application complexity over traditional stereo vision camera systems. The Helios2 ToF camera combines a “factory tough” design with exceptional 3D precision and accuracy into a compact IP67 machine vision camera. In this presentation you will learn how to improve your point cloud with challenging objects such as shiny metals or plastics and maximize the 3D depth performance of your automation tasks.

Impact of 3D vison in vision guided robotic applications

Tim Huylebrouck / Moez Tahir

Stemmer Imaging / Zivid


Learn in this lecture how high quality colour point clouds from state of the art 3D vision sensors improve the functionality, reliability and efficiency of vision guided robotic applications. We will show the impact of various considerations during the point cloud acquisition and explain the benefits of this for the whole domain of picking applications in different industries and scenarios.


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